Monday, January 10, 2011

God's Word Calms the Waves of my Heart!

Devotion for today: Genesis 25-26; Matthew 8:1-17

God's powerful voice calms the waves of the mighty sea.. He spoke and the world began... He spoke and people were healed. His voice so powerful, like thunder! God spoke into my heart and I became alive! He became alive in me and in my life! Amen! Each day, God desires me to live out His spoken Word through my life! God desires for me to dive deeper in His Word and His mighty and majestic heart! He brings light and life to my world. His Word is powerful and will continue to be forever. It will never disappoint us. When Jesus was alive, He spoke the words of His Father in Heaven... He proclaimed God's Word (His own Word)! Awesome! We are called to so the same! Jesus is our confidence and He will protect us (Proverbs 3:26). WE need to always believe in God's Word, even if we do not understand it! The Word is Truth! The only real truth today is God and His ways! I desire God's Word and His voice daily. Father, Speak to me and let me know Your ways so that I may live a righteous and generous life for You! I thank You for your scriptures! They are life to me and mine! Thank You for calming the waves of my heart with Your love and Your Words of life! Help me preserve sound judgement & discernment! (Proverbs 3:21)! Amen!


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